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A collection of 31 methodological card effects and tools within an elegantly cloth bound book.

John fooled me badly with a few effects from this book.” -Cody S. Fisher

Inside of these pages you will find some of John’s most guarded creations in card magic. The first half of Seeking the Bridge reveals eighteen of his favorite memorized deck creations, which range from extremely versatile, innovative tools to complete theatrical presentations. The second half features thirteen treasured routines, motivations, and techniques that he has used for years in both the real world and to floor magicians at conventions and lectures.


Perfect Pick
Seeking the Bridge
Sticking the Bridge
Hands-Off Deck Switch
Pocket Change
Bridging the Deck Switch
Time to Shine
Numerical Reverse Revisited
The Second Push
An Instinct for Cards Revisited
The Way for One-Way
Jazzing Baker
Mind Mix
The Delayed Crimp
Lucky Penny
A Blackjack Bet
Mathematical 3-Card Monte Revisited
Finally Matched Revisited
Motivation: Glued Deck
Right on the Money
Casino Card Killer
My Ladies
Motivation: Cutting to the Aces
Twelfth-Method Match
Riding the LePaul
Watch Transpo
Queens Prediction
“My Cards”
Card in Spectator’s Pocket
Card under Spectator’s Shoe

As a continuation of John’s previous book, Meant To Be, this is his most innovative/informative book for card magicians to date. Some readers might also appreciate that these effects do not rely on false counts, shifts, or other typical sleight-of-hand approaches. Since most of the presentations are more psychological, the methods involved are designed to feel as fair and direct as possible. Welcome to Seeking the Bridge…



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