S.E.M.(The Sun, the Earth, the Moon)

What is S.E.M.?

S.E.M. is a routine with special props that turns the classic sun and moon copper/silver transposition on its head! It can either be performed as a five minute showpiece (stand up or sit down) for larger groups, or can be streamlined for table hopping! A simplified handling allows you to work this right out of your pocket, ready to perform when you are!

What happens:

A colorful globe and a small denim pocket holding coins are introduced. The coins, with images of the sun and the moon, are examined. First, the sun and moon change places, before the moon suddenly vanishes and appears under the globe. The globe is removed from its base and magically becomes transparent!

The sun is placed inside the pocket and penetrates right through it. A spectator examines the pocket and puts the coin back inside, but it penetrates again! The coins magically switch places, then completely vanish. One appears back under the globe, and the other drops into view from the pocket. Both coins can be examined, and your hands are totally clean!!!

What you get:

  • A dollar-sized copper coin with a picture of the Aztec Sun stone.
  • A matching copper shell.
  • Two copper/silver inserts that fit perfectly into the shell (and are thick, unlike the wafer-size inserts that you usually find).
  • A steel-shimmed Eisenhower bicentennial dollar with an image of the moon.
  • A small denim pocket.
  • A colorful metal globe with a specially gimmicked base.
  • A matching clear globe and ball holder.
  • An open servant.
  • Access to a one hour, twenty minute online video tutorial.
  • A bonus tutorial link for two additional handlings!
  • A written script, with additional tips, signed by Dr. Michael Rubinstein.
  • Limited to only 100 sets!! A numbered and signed card is included as a certificate of authenticity.
  • Comes packaged in a square, sturdy box with a magnetic lid.

Special bonus: One out of every 20 sets will include an original David Roth business card!

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is like getting an entire magic act in a box. So much cool stuff. Dr. Rubinstein has done it again. Not only are the routines and ideas that he provides absolutely awesome visual magic. But the props are of the highest order. Ted Bogusta is a master craftsman, and these sun and moon gimmicks are absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like them available. I can’t recommend this set highly enough. Congratulations Michael. Another winner!!!!”
– Nathan Kranzo

“Dr. Rubinstein has done it again with another showpiece routine in the style that David Roth made famous over 40 years ago. S.E.M. is a modular, multi-phase routine that is perfect (and adaptable) for parlor, table hopping and formal close up (sitting at a table).”
– Mike Peckham

“S.E.M is beautifully crafted. It is highly portable and easy to use in different environments. The coins are of top-notch quality. The [ has perfect coverage. This set is on a par with coins I have from the late, great Todd Lassen. Michael has produced a wonderful effect. It is a very well-thought out routine and the video instruction is everything I have come to expect from Michael, including some wonderful close-ups from the magician’s view. For any serious coin worker S.E.M is well worth the investment.”
– Jeremy Vine

“What you receive is truly a special piece of magic. This is an entire showpiece. And it reminds me of David Roth’s work with a complete performance with props. Best of all are the gimmicked coins that you receive. The quality is absolutely beautiful. These coins alone are almost worth the price of the entire package. The tutorial is fantastic. I love the concept. Its taking the sun and moon routine and elevating it to such a high level!”
– Rick Holcombe

“The coins are gorgeous. The tutorial is like a mini master class in coin magic. I’m giving this 100%!”
– Craig Petty


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