A direct, impromptu-feeling organic demonstration of thought reading from the innovative mind of Christopher Rawlins.

Your spectator thinks of a random word and nothing else. They do not write or speak their word. You begin to verbalize the thoughts you receive in real time and commit to one specific word. This is the exact word your spectator thinks of.

You suggest that, though a process of imagined and physical actions they should think about a new word, this time, one which they can draw. Then, very cleanly and directly, you verbally reveal your understanding of their image.

You are exactly right, every time.

  • No dual reality
  • No envelopes
  • No index cards
  • No business cards
  • No pads
  • No impressions
  • No special pens or paper
  • No wallets
  • No electronics
  • No mirrors
  • No apps

Comes with a detailed instructional booklet and two sets of custom tools designed specifically for performing “Rudiment.”

“This is a great example of how to create an organic, apparently impromptu routine out of classic ideas and some creative thinking. Seemingly unprepared demonstrations of mentalism can create astonishing impact. Chris uses common everyday items to create a flowing, natural, non-performance where he convincingly reads someone’s mind twice! It’s a very disarming sequence.”Marc Paul


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