If you want to learn the secrets to creating impactful, deep and visceral experiences your spectators will remember forever, this project is for you!

Star of Discovery Channel’s Mind Control Freaks, Lewis Le’Val has carved an exciting career performing his unique brand of mystical mentalism all over the planet.

This project was born from Le’Val’s biggest frustration in mentalism; weak revelations. Countless methods and marketed products exist for mentalists to secretly acquire information from their spectators, but there’s barely any solid material in existence that successfully teaches performers what to do with this ammunition and how to effectively and powerfully reveal it.

“It’s not the information that counts, it’s what you do with it”

Revelations by Lewis Le’Val is the antidote. Watch your pre-existing mind reading effects elevate to levels that even seasoned pros fail to reach. Many of the ideas and principles Le’Val teaches are so simple and bold you’ll be left kicking yourself, asking why you never thought of them!

Revelations teaches effects and ideas that utilise curious props and intimate storytelling to create truly affecting demonstrations of modern mysticism.

They include:

Extracting information from the spectator’s mind visually, piece by piece while simultaneously invoking inexplicable feelings of energy transfer – the spectator literally FEELS information leaving their mind!
Divining a spectators innermost thoughts using quartz crystals that physically CHANGE colour in the spectator’s own hands!
Revealing the name of a spectator’s cherished family member, divined using a pendulum being held by the spectator that takes on a life of its own.
A revelation coupled with a simple yet devious method of making it appear that a spectator can sense your presence using nothing but their “third eye” (their physical eyes are completely shut)! Think Banachek’s PK touches without any literal touching of the participant at all!
The themes explored in Revelations are mystical in nature but can be easily adapted for the more scientific-style performers.

If that wasn’t enough, before learning any of the above, you will be taught one of the most powerful techniques in all of mentalism; Acidus Novus.

Acidus Novus is a peek taught with permission from its creator; the brilliant Millard Longman. Le’Val shares all of his personal developments on this neo-classic technique including in-depth never-before-published solutions to any hesitations you may have about performing it. For example, what happens if you can’t read the spectator’s handwriting? What if they fold the card wrong? What if they don’t write in the correct place? Le’Val has brilliant answers to all of these tentative questions in what we consider to be the most in-depth and comprehensive tuition on Acidus Novus ever recorded.

To ascertain whether this product is for you, simply ask yourself this:

Do you want your performances to be remembered as magic tricks? Or do you want them to be remembered as deep, meaningful and unforgettable *experiences*?


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