“Changing SIGNED bill with no gimmicks?! Never in a million years would I have guessed that code could be cracked but Kyle nailed it 🤯”
~Blake Vogt

“Man, did this fool me BAD when Kyle showed me. This has got to be the best ungimmicked bill change ever!”
~Andrew Neiner

Borrow two $5 bills, have packet signed, and fuse them into one $10 bill…with the SIGNATURE STILL ACROSS THE BILL.

You will be able to do this impossible effect with absolutely no gimmicks, nothing to build, no chemicals, and can be ready to perform at a moment’s notice in seconds.

“An impromptu, signed impossible object giveaway with borrowed props? It’s basically a perfect trick.”
~Michael Feldman

“Whenever Kyle asks to show me something and brings out a bill, three things are guaranteed. There’s no way I’ll figure it out, the method will be super clever and it will be a worker. You checked all the boxes once again.. stop being so damn smart, Kyle!”
~David Jonathan

Based on Kyle’s 2015 release ‘Promotion’, Kyle has remastered the effect and method so that:

-The change is more visual!
-The spectator can see their signature and the 5s on the bill at the same time (not possible with the original method)!
-you lose NO money performing it!

“I’m convinced those red glasses Kyle wears give him magical powers. Simply put this is a beautiful piece of magic that’ll close a deal, get a gig or just make someone smile”
~Chris James

“Kyle Purnell has once again brought the magic community another piece of impromptu visual magic. This is a beautiful take on the bill switch that every magician should add to their repertoire”
~Bryan Sanders

“Repromited is a smart, visual masterpiece not to be missed. I’m thrilled to exist in a world where I get to experience Kyle Purnell’s magic.”
~Patrick Redford

Kyle’s magic stuns on a regular basis. REPROMOTED is no different. It is fantastic. A true, pro-level “worker.” In fact, one could say that Kyle put the “PRO” in RE-PRO-MOTED! He also put the “RE,” “MO,” and “TED” in there too…but I’ve got nothing to say about them. Grab REPROMOTED for yourself so you too can stun on the regular.
~Jonathan Friedman


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