A multi-phase masterpiece that will convince even the most skeptical audiences that you have super-human memory.

“Merging ideas old and new, PSEUDO is a revelation…you will use this. It will not sit hidden in your drawer.” -Marc Salem

“I was fooled by the demonstration and I loved how easy you made it for everyone to learn, set up and perform. Well done!” -Vincent Hedan

“Chris Rawlins has a rarely seen authenticity and realism, an important contributor to our art” -Joe Barry

Chris Rawlins’s PSEUDO is an incredible demonstration of super-powered memory.

Over three phases, each one more impossible, you will prove that your mental dexterity is out of this world.

From a GENUINELY shuffled deck, you can separate colours and suits from memory. Not only that, you can even tell your spectators a card that they’ve hidden from you – by memorizing the other 51 cards!!!!

With several methods employed to throw off even the cleverest audience members, people will have no choice other than to believe that what you are doing is GENUINE MEMORY.

The best part is, no advanced memory skills are required.

Download now, and start learning instantly.


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