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Protect Your Neck By Joe Rindfleisch

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A rubber-band passes through your neck over and over again in this…

Protect Your Neck by Joe Rindfleisch Instant Download

A rubber-band passes through your neck over and over again in this multi-phase reputation-maker

Offbeat doesn’t even begin to describe this crazy multiphase rubber band effect. Pass a rubber band through your neck. Toss it back around your throat. Rip it back off and hand it out for examination. This effect is for the rubber band magician with a wicked sense of humor. This is Protect Your Neck by Joe Rindfleisch.

Here’s what happens:

The performer removes a rubberband from their wrist and stretches it behind their neck. Impossibly they pull the rubber band all the way through their neck. Next, in a highly visual moment, the rubber band is tossed and appears wrapped completely around the performer’s neck. The rubber band is pulled back through the neck again, and then impossibly tossed back around the neck for a final time.

In addition to the main effect, you will also learn Joe’s no-setup version, the Rubber Necking penetration, and a visual penetration courtesy of Dr. Cyril Thomas. Like all of Joe’s rubber band projects, this is packed with extra methods, routines, and variations that will have you pulling rubber bands through your neck all day long. Grab your rubber bands and Protect Your Neck.