As mystery performers, we all aspire to engage our audience in demonstrations that appear miraculous and instill them with awe. Prose & Cons was inspired by legendary stories and events and will aid you in accomplishing just that in the eyes of your audience, making you appear to be a borderline miracle worker for which the impossible is possible. Herein you will learn a variety of hypnotricks that can be used by themselves or, more appropriately, in conjunction with the hypnosis routine of your choosing. You will also learn my approach to the incorporation of DR and the inclusion of wonder words as a method.

This book includes:

Cana – Convince your participant that their glass of water has changed into their favorite drink.

MIDI – A spectator hears their favorite song being played through unplugged earbuds. No expensive gimmickry. No Bluetooth.

The Placebo Effect – This take of the amnesia card plot causes your participant to visually hallucinate right in front of the audience’s eyes. This is unlike any of its predecessors.

David – Freeze your participant in place with the power of suggestion, rendering them unable to move.

Now You Don’t – Cause yourself to become invisible to a spectator and partake in mischievous activities right under their nose.

Sever – A new hypnotic induction that results in a stuck hand and allows you to segue into any hypnotic routine of your choosing.

These effects will assist you in creating a truly magical experience for everyone involved using nothing more than a few “prose and cons”. I hope that you get lots of mileage out of these routines and that they encourage you to create your own mental miracles.

Pages: 57 – PDF FORMAT

“Having recently been introduced to the mind of Thaddius via his ‘Everest’ effect, I was very keen to read his latest work. Once again Thaddius has provided a superbly written manuscript containing several highly devious routines (my personal favorites being ‘Cana’ and ‘The Placebo Effect’). I have no doubt that other readers will smile as much as I did whilst learning the secrets behind them and I can’t wait to use them myself!” – Michael Murray

“Thaddius Barker has been delivering incredible material for years. The juicy stuff is in here for seasoned pros. The cheekiness of the first two effects will make you smile. There is one principle in here which I love, love, love! I will let you find your favorites and I will keep this principle in my back pocket for some real cheeky fun on stage. If you aren’t a hypnosis type of mentalist, I assure you that audiences love it and theatrically play really well. Add a couple of these ideas and you will notice how audience perception skyrockets. Just get it.” – Warren Thackeray ✯

“Thaddius radiates an air of sophistication and elegance and believe me, it’s not just in his voice. His mentalism is both sophisticated and deeply moving! In ‘Prose and Cons’, he takes ideas from Kenton, his students, and myself, and pushes them beyond what I thought was possible with them. The first effect was enough for me to know this book was going to be one of my favorite books this year. Trust me when I say this – Thaddius loves mentalism and that love shows through the attention to detail he puts into each and every piece he creates. He is in my eyes one of the leading creators of our time and if you’re at all serious about taking your mentalism to the next level with nothing but your words, then this book is for you. Let me make one thing clear… I don’t want you to buy it. I want these secrets just for me but if you don’t want to be left behind, add it to your cart. You’re welcome.” – Lance Sinclair

‘Prose and Cons’ is one of my favorite kinds of mentalism books, in that it contains a lot of very thought-provoking ideas that will inspire you to come up with your own routines. – Robert Watkins

“‘Prose and Cons’ is a collection of hypnotic plots and routines that require no actual hypnosis. If you’re relatively new to the subject I think you’ll find a lot that you’ll enjoy, allowing you to start on the path of buying up other performers offerings on the subject. If you’ve been around the game for a while, I believe that you’ll find joy in the layers of thought and method that Thaddius puts into his routines. I enjoyed the read, though did find that I had to take a second read through in order to pick up on some parts properly. You’ll want to put some time and effort into the choreography of some effects within. Thaddius’ take on the amnesia card plot takes it to a new level than I’ve seen before.” – Steve Wachner


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