6 baffling, visual, killer effects

a collection of 6 close up magic tricks for ANY environment.

In project x you’ll get:

1.secrettravell: the magician place a 4 coins into the playing cards box. one coin leaving the playing cards box and appear in the magician’s hand Then the coin vanish from the magician’s hand and back into the playing cards box.

2.deep:visually produce a pen from a completely empty coin purse.

3.REFILL:You reach into a pack of Oreos and pull a cookie out. You bite off a piece and restored .no gimmicks,Oreo can be borrowed ,no palming.

4.SHIRTLESS 2.0:Card Through shirt effect in which a selected playing card separates itself from the pack, seemingly penetrating solid cloth.

5.TAKE:Perform an impossible stunt with an ordinary deck of cards. A card is selected and shuffled into a deck of cards lost yet you are able to find their card in an extremely impressive way.

6.:a card is freely chosen and returned. The deck is put it on the floor, Under complete control, the deck eerily begins to cut itself to a card in the centre. Borrow deck
No Invisible Thread,FULLY EXAMINABLE
No Magnets
No loops
No rubber band

Over 30 minutes in details .


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