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Power Play By Ian Cranston

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  Over 3 hours of hard-hitting card magic.  Ian shares with you…


Over 3 hours of hard-hitting card magic. 

Ian shares with you his collection of routines for the first time. Not only will you learn tricks that are extremely effective and fooling, but more importantly, he will teach you all the subtleties, tips, and lessons that make these tricks work. Each technique will have endless applications and will provide never ending ammo for your repertoire.

Also, Ian talks about one of his favorite subjects in magic; Forcing. Having the ability to force a card is an absolute necessity, and Timing Force and Classic Force are 2 of the most effective ways to achieve that. Unfortunately, many magicians tend to shy away from them because of their unreliableness. If you are one of those people, this lecture is perfect for you. Ian will discuss what he think of this issue, and share with you ways to make Timing Force and Classic Force reliable.


 Numerical Concordance

: One of the most impossible coincidence effects out there by Dani Daortiz. Ian will be teaching his take on it, which makes the routine completely imrpomptu, and also 3 techniques that allow you to go directly into miracles without any apparent set-up right after ‘Numerical Concordance’.

– You & I

: An extremely interactive piece of card magic where you and the spectator find 4 aces together.

– Shuffled ACAAN

: ACAAN that starts with a shuffled deck.

 Systemized 4 of a Kind

: A system that allows you to find the chosen 4 of a kind from a shuffled deck of cards.

 My Stop Trick Handling

: Ian’s handling of ‘Stop Trick’ that is extremely easy and natural.

[What To Do]

– When Timing Force Goes Wrong

 When Classic Force Goes Wrong

 When You Find The Wrong Card

 When Spectator Remembers The Wrong Card

– When You Get Caught Palming A Card