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Mentalism teaching Peter Turner – Portugal Notes

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Portugal Notes by Peter Turner

From the introduction by Peter Turner:

For the first time I reveal all, no holds barred, nothing held back.

This is material I have kept close to my chest for a very long time, and now I am sharing the secrets with you.

This is not just one reading. Each section can be used separately to create smaller routines or effects. You are not limited to using the readings in the way I constructed them in the video. With these tools and principles and a small part of your own imagination, anything is possible!

You will learn:
?? To successfully read someone using a branching system, steer, box reframe, delegate and conversationally lead any reading down the avenue you want.
?? To billetlessly guess a person’s name.
?? The fail safe principle to ensure that your readings are accurate and never miss.
?? To successfully tell someone what they wanted to be when they were a child.


?? To divine any persons birthdate or star sign.

?? To share a remote journey with your participant and describe thoughts and feelings that they are experiencing mentally.
?? And more!



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