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Pi book test By Vincent Hedan


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Pi Book Test from Vincent Hedan is an incredible display of memorisation…

Pi Book Test from Vincent Hedan is an incredible display of memorisation using something that nearly everyone has heard of, ‘Pi’ – the number 3.14 followed by an infinite number of digits. Hedan has created a performance piece so utterly baffling that the only logical conclusion spectators are left with is that you have done exactly as you say you have – memorised Pi to thousands of digits.

You show a small book in which the decimals of Pi are listed, and explain that you have memorised a large portion of it. You then proceed to perform a multi-phase routine in which the spectator opens the book at any page, tells you the page number, and you can tell them the first digits of the page.

Then you ask your spectator to tell you a sequence of 5 digits, anywhere on any page. Starting from there, you start reciting the decimals of Pi! Actually, you recite so many decimals that the spectator has to turn pages to follow you!

Finally, you ask the spectator’s birthday, for example 14th of July. You then reveal the page, the line, and the position on the line where the sequence 1407 can be found in the book!

Points to note:


  • No stooge
  • No preshow
  • No crazy math
  • No sleight
  • No peek
  • No electronics
  • No dual reality
  • No pumping
  • No crib
  • No svengali-like pages
  • No stack
  • Every birthday can be found in the book


Pi Book Test is a wonderful display of mental dexterity that doesn’t feel like a magic trick. Instead, it appears to be the real thing with your audience convinced you truly have memorised Pi to thousands upon thousands of digits. With the likes of Luke Jermay, Ian Rowland and Marc Paul among those praising his work, you know this is something special. Get yours now and begin devastating spectators in no time.


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