The effects inside this ebook are some of the most bold effects I have ever created and not for the meek, or magicians not willing to take risks. It is from these effects that I have discovered bounda

PIP MY RIDE – A clean and visual trick, plays very strongly – it brilliantly makes use of what is usually used as a visual colour change but as a quick card switch that to the spectator’s mind never happens, the reveal is slow, visual and powerful.

CONTAC – Beautifully constructed torn corner trick, it is set up very sneakily such that spectator is thoroughly unimpressed one second and tearing their hair out with confusion and denial the next.

BOXCHANGE – One of the few tricks that requires set-up but hardly any at all and it’s worth it to do this killer slow motion change that finishes clean.

JITTERBOX – Terrific application of the above change.

ADMISSION – It’s absolutely brilliant, a really beautiful card switch but if you can’t back palm well then you’ll struggle but the back palm is worth learning well just for this switch!

DUMP – One of our favourite new card switches, very commercial, very usable – will fall into most working magicians working routines straight away.

VISUAL GLITCH – This will fry laypeople, kind of like a visual ambitious card routine with sandwich! Will be going into your repertoire.

COLLARED – A real selection of bold magic wouldn’t be complete without a signature bold effect, I can tell you that although it takes a nice big pair of balls it is 100% worth the risk – a stunning effect!


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