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The OseyFans membership brings you new magic (designed with social media in mind) weekly. Bonus content such as podcasts, blogs and vlogs are also included

Item 01: Tooth Pic

Tooth Pic is a clean fade visual with a toothpick, in collaboration with Casshan Wallace. Two effects can be done with it; you take a toothpick, snap it, and one piece in your hand cleanly vanishes as the rest of the toothpick fades back into existence. The second effect is a kind of ‘mitosis’ effect, where you snap a toothpick into two, and then let the pieces visually grow into two toothpicks.

Item 02: Coffee Ring Transformation
CRT is a way to change your coffee ring into another shape, reveal or logo. You’ll learn the method, how to apply the gimmick to other items (allowing for a different visual style), and where to use CRT to gain the maximum value.

Item 03: Linking Face Masks
This method allows you to link your face mask on to a borrowed face mask… visually.

Item 04: Card to Condoms (skittles)
You’ll learn how to change a playing card (or business card, or ID or anything) into condoms or a pack of candy.

Item 05: Paper Plate Production
Learn how to make a candy bar appear between two (empty) paper plates. Bonus ideas (appearing celebrations) are also mentioned.

Item 06: TabLink by Jordan Wheable
The first guest piece! Jordan Wheable is bringing an insane, TV style visual to the table with TabLink.

Item 07: Valentino
This effect is perfect for social media and zoom shows! Got an online date? whip valentino out. With Valentino you can change any card into any greetings card! Check it!

Item 08: Sauce Pot Change
This is a great situational trick to show to your friends! This is a viral video waiting to happen!

Item 09: PearPay
Learn Luke’s image to life effect, PearPay. With PearPay you can pull out a credit card from YOUR ApplePay!

Item 10: Phone + Juul Balance
In Item 10 you’ll learn how to balance a borrowed vape on a borrowed phone. No gimmicks, thread or sticky stuff!

Item 11: Linking Straws
This is Luke’s close up rendition of the linking rings. Perfect for social media, zoom shows or bars

Item 12: FlipCan
Inspired by Kyle Marlett’s FlipCup, FlipCan is an appearing straw utility.

Item 13: 4 of a Kind Change by Ollie Mealing
A clean, visual, 4 of a kind change by Ollie Mealing.

Item 14: Chocolate + Egg (Easter Trick)
Take a chocolate bar and an egg, and throw them together to change them into a chocolate egg

Item 15: Sticky Note Origami
Item 15 is a commercial, visual way to change a folded or crumpled sticky note into a hand-crafted origami crane. These cranes are a perfect souvenir to hand out, you’ll love it!

Item 16: Deck Suspension
Item 16 is a visual deck suspension gimmick, which allows you to take a (borrowed if wanted) deck and balance it on your hand, upright.

Item 17: Band(ersnatch)
Item 17 is a project Luke put out with Lost Art Magic in 2020, the project was a surprise release. Due to this, not many people saw it.

Item 18: Can Tab to Coin
This is a collaboration effect between Luke Oseland and Saavan Thethy. It is a visual way to change one small item into another. This would look great on social media, zoom shows, or in a bar.

Item 19: Can Tab Restoration
This is an effect from The Road Trip. It is a hyper visual way to restore a can tab onto a (borrowed) can.

Item 20: TNR Sugar
This effect is a fun, logical restoration of a sugar packet. Each move is justified.
You could also try this effect with sauce sachets.

Item 21: Sharpie From Box
This effect is from The Road Trip. SFB is a visual, practical way to bring a deck of cards and sharpie into play.

Item 22: Swipey McSwipeFace

Item 23: How Sweet It Still Is by Josh Janousky
Josh is one of Luke’s favorite, organic magic creators. We are so happy to present to you an effect from his unreleased book.
This could work great with Sweet Disposition

Item 24: Key Twist
This is an effect Luke created in 2020.
It’s a visual metal bending effect that would work great as part of a routine or its own social media post.

Item 25 – Coffee Cup Balance
This is a utility device from The Road Trip, that allows you to perform multiple visually stunning effects with a seemingly ordinary take-out coffee cup.
The video features Preston Nyman and Harry De Cruz.
I used black invisible sewing thread.

Item 26: Lightning Torn and Restored Card
Lightning Torn and Restored Card is inspired by Triage by Shin Lim and Danny Weiser.
It is a highly visual TnR card.

Item 27: Anything from Card Box
Luke came up with Item 27, 5 years ago. It was picked up by multiple pages at the time.
This could be performed with a Rubik’s Cube, a piece of fruit or anything that could fit behind a card box.
This works for social media and zoom shows.

Item 28: SloMo Chopstick Change
Luke introduced his SloMo Chopstick Change to the magic community very recently, and it had one of the best responses to an OseyFans effect yet.
This works for social media and zoom shows.

Item 29: Capri Sun Restoration
Luke created Capri Sun Restoration a few years ago.
This works for social media, zoom shows, and real life. It’s a fun, off-beat effect.

Item 30 – Portal 2.0
Luke created and published Portal as his debut effect over 2 years ago.
Today, Luke is bringing you a new penetration effect, made with a perfectly built video idea. This is Portal, for the pranksters and social media magicians.
Portal 1.3 is a completely different method and premise to Portal.
No magnets or slits are used in Portal 1.3.
The premise for Portal was a coin in can, Portal 1.1 was a bottle cap through bottle, Portal 1.2 was a tic tac through box effect. This is Portal 1.3

Item 31: Cockroach
In this tutorial, Luke covers the creative process behind this effect.
Following an approach noted by Rory Adams, Tom Elderfield and many other creators… If you can take an existing trick (original or not) and change the item into a more logical effect, you have a new (often better) effect.
4 years ago, Luke developed and debuted a torn and restored card corner effect. Recently, it was redeveloped to make more logical sense, by using a ripped pack of rizla.
Rizla corners are commonly ripped to be used as a filter – A.K.A. ‘roach’. The idea of restoring an already torn pack of smoking papers is more logical than a playing card.

Item 32: Lit
“I’’ll pay you to not release this and only let me have it” – Kyle Marlett
Lit is an upwards vanish of a birthday candle.

Item 33: Transpire
Transpire was created 4 years ago.
Enjoy this special episode featuring pre-pubiscent.
You can get your elastic thread here.

Item 34: Paperclip Z
This is a gimmick to vanish a paperclip.
You can get your elastic thread here.
I use these magnets.

Item 35: Wooden Spoon Bend
To be honest, I’m just amazed this hasn’t been done before…
Luke x

Item 36: Finger Kicker
This is Luke’s take on the classic finger trick.
Black Art Sheets

Item 37: Chopsticks to Cutlery
This is a part 2 to the chopsticks to fork effect, it is a super visual chopsticks to knife and fork effect.
Black Art Sheets

Item 38: Snap 2020 – ft. Ollie Mealing

Item 39: Sharpie Split by Brice Bergman
Brice is a young, up and coming creator. He’s been on my radar for a while, having multiple downloads on Penguin Magic.
When he presented an effect he wanted to debut to OseyFans, I was keen to get him involved and reward him for this effect.
This effect allows you to visually spawn sharpies into place (with little to no sleight of hand).

Item 40: Cigarette Restoration
This is a scaled down, practical version of the classic appearing wand trick.
Also, Luke’s really into his slow motion visuals rn… So just let him do that.

Item 41: Growing Sharpie
This effect by Luke was heavily inspired by Wayne Fox’s Obliter8.
If you would like to check out some of Wayne Fox’s products, check them out here.
Tell Wayne Luke Oseland sent you x

Item 42: Squirt
Squirt is an impromptu geek magic effect that allows you to squirt any drink from your eye at a moments notice.
This is one of many methods Luke has created to perform the milk from eye illusion.

Item 43: Gum Thru
The Matchbox Penetration is arguably one of the greatest penetration effects available, as it leaves the penetrated item as a surprise. The issue is, it’s somewhat weird to carry around a box of matches nowadays…
Luke has reinvented the Matchbox penetration with a new item and method, allowing you to produce any item that will fit in the pack.

Item 44: Halloween Special
In this item, Luke explains a plot he has had a lot of fun with and shows an example effect.
Black Art Sheets

Item 45: Utility Bag
Utility Bag is a utility method using a plastic sandwich bag. Using this utility you can perform impossible productions and penetrations.
Use the full card production to make business cards, playing cards, train tickets or any card appear in the bag.

Item 46: Pixar Coffee Cup
Pixar Coffee Cup is Luke’s organic take on the original ring and pencil effect.
This is effect is cheap to make, and a lot of fun to perform.
Three visuals are explained in the tutorial, which could work for social media, real life or video chat magic.

Item 47: FlipCan (update)
Item 12: FlipCan was a hit on the membership. DK Magician re-shot this as a tutorial, with added hands free handlings from himself.

Item 48: TNR Corner
Thank you to Tyler Lunsford with the inspiration for this effect.
This is a highly practical, visual torn and restored card trick.

Item 49: LIT Vanish 2.0
This tutorial has been long-awaited since the original LIT Vanish was posted.
A lot of members DM’d asked when the 2.0 would arrive, and I’m (Luke) happy to present it to you.
This will be released as a $10 download to Penguin, along with Gum Thru and FlipCan.
Thank you to Martin Rees and Sylar for presenting this download whilst I was away.

Item 50: Arcade Restoration by Julio Montoro
Arcade Restoration is a visual, restoring arcade ticket effect.
Julio showed this to me (Luke) a while back, and in truth, it’s very similar to something I have been working on publishing in the near future.

Item 51: Bowtox
Luke posted this effect to TikTok, and within 1 hour it had boasted almost 50k views.
This effect has been highly requested by the members.

Item 52: Linking Paper Chains
Luke created this just before Christmas day, 2019. It is a fun, festive effect and can be performed at any festivity.

Item 53: Impromptu Deck Balance
Luke created this impromptu, borrowed deck balance, years ago. The fact that it fooled the card technician, Ollie Mealing, says it all really.
Also I’ve been meaning to upload this for ages – Luke

Item 54: Isolated TnR
In this Item, Luke shows you how to restore a card without touching it or using any sleight of hand. To prove this, he isolates the card in a zip lock bag.
Luke also explains his creative process and the alternate methods for this effect.
Black Art Sheets

Social Media Secrets 01: Cheating TikTok to get a Base of 10k Followers
I’m going to run you through a technique I’ve seen used by magicians and the general user to get a substantial base line of followers. Enjoy the read, let me know what you think!

Social Media Secrets 02: 5 Hacks to Make Your Instagram Videos Better
In this PDF, I give you 5 quick and easy tips to improve the quality of your videos. These improvements can and should lead to more engagement.

Social Media Secrets 03: The Power of an Engagement Group
In this PDF, I go over why you may want to join or start an ‘engagement group’

Eargasms 01: In Conversation With Dan Rhodes

Luke talks Social Media with Dan Rhodes (2 million followers) for 45 minutes

Eargasms 02: In Conversation with Charlie Davis
In this 30 minute episode we talk about how to get brand deals, living with influencers, TV shows and more!

Eargasms 03: In Conversation with Theo Mall
In this episode we speak about Omegle magic, choosing the right music and video editing. This was a great discussion!

Eargasms 04: Creating Content at Scale
In this episode of Eargasms, Luke speaks on how you can create 25+ pieces of content, from 1 hour of filming!

Eargasms 05 – In Conversation with Rory Adams
In this episode, Rory and I go through some creative games you can play to practice creating magic. We also speak about, how to act around non-magicians on set, and the advantages of creating an informal environment with your audience.

Vlogasms 01: Consulting from Home
Luke shows what it’s like to work as a self employed consultant, from home.


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