In ‘Old Things Part 2’, Silvia is back with two more fantastic, never seen before uses for the Haunted Key.

First, we have ‘Energy Of The Unknown’. A spectator writes the name of a loved one on the back of your business card, which is then mixed among other cards, held face down in your spectator’s hand. The key not only allows you to locate the correct card, but to also reveal what’s been written. The presentation here is beautiful, and the scripting allows your haunted key to unlock a door in your spectator’s mind, which can genuinely be felt!

Next, we have ‘Dimension Hop’. Your spectator walks through an imaginary door and into an altered reality, in which they are able to make conscious shifts in how they experience life from there on. This is not your standard mentalism effect, yet equally as powerful. Dimension Hop is closer to Shamanic Psychotherapy than it is to a routine, and all you need is a simple key!



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