$2.99New Old Ideas for Coin Magic By Clement Di Natale
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New Old Ideas for Coin Magic By Clement Di Natale


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Celement Di Natale is a young magician who specialized in the manipulation…

Celement Di Natale is a young magician who specialized in the manipulation of parts. In this project, he will share with you some of his 100% gimmickless ideas (without any rigged props) and come back to some basics that will allow you to perform his routines. In this project, he will also share with you his vision of coin magic.

“You made me want to do coin magic again”


“Clément’s project goes off the beaten track. In addition to finding very interesting routines that can be done in real conditions, you will learn techniques as original as they are visual which will open the doors to creativity. To all the outsiders go for it !!!”


“It could be the new beginning of the era of coin magic in France”


“This project is beautifully done and includes some very interesting material”


“Magic is not just about visual effect, but also about feelings. Here’s how you can approach it, because we always know exactly what coin magic looks like.”




0 TO 3/3 TO POCKET: a production of three pieces that eventually disappear to appear in the magician’s pocket.
ONE IMAGINATION COIN: a routine one coin that works the viewer’s imagination, going from an imaginary coin to a real dollar on sight.
SIMPLY TRANSPOSITION: a simple and visual transposition of pieces in the hands of the spectator, one of Clément’s favorite effects.

PURE TOSS VANISH: The purest disappearance that Clément has found, the piece disappears in the air without movement of the fingers, empty hands, and doable without sleeves but also completely naked! (Magic Dream, however, recommends that you keep your clothes on)
BT VANISH: A complete disappearance of a part, as well as a few other possible uses of the movement.
CD VANISH: One of the disappearances of the project that the magicians preferred, a total disappearance of the piece followed by a reappearance on sight.
MID AIR ILLUSION: An aerial disappearance using an optical illusion.
VANIFLIP: A natural disappearance coming from Arthur Chavaudret, which is Clément’s favorite disappearance.
OTHER TECHNIQUES: Back to classics: nowhere palm, click pass, one handed change, retention dai vernon, spider vanish, himbert disappearance …


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