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Natural Mediumship by Jerome Finley


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Jerome Finley’s Natural Mediumship I make my living with the material provided…

Jerome Finley’s Natural Mediumship

I make my living with the material provided here and though I wrote it for YOU and want people to have it, cement my place in mentalism history and leave a gaping wound VS a little mark, I??m not about cutting my own throat in this case.

Moving on??both of these books stand alone and were slated to appear for $299.00 a piece originally. It??s important to me that you have them BOTH and so I??ve cut the price in half to make them each both more accessible to every working professional and every sincere student of contemporary mentalism working on a budget for whatever reason currently.

Many of you know I make 100% of my income and living as a traditional healer, psychic medium and working clairvoyant in addition to my public and private performances of straight mentalism and psychic-flavored entertainment. I??m an advantage player and I also come to the table with 20+ years experience in hypnosis, self hypnosis, hypnotherapy, meditation, NLP, suggestion, persuasion, influence, seduction, psychology, shamanism, energy work, magic, mentalism and psychic entertainment.

I think and firmly believe and know on deep levels that there is no other material out there, performers or creators today who can or do offer what I can, do and am here with ??Natural Mediumship?? and ??Minimalist Mind Reading.??

I wrote ??Natural Mediumship?? after a solid decade of radio performances, countless live shows, innumerable readings and energy balancing sessions, Q&A and gallery reading exhibitions, impromptu demonstrations and more. It wasn??t ever easy to do what I??m doing today and I fell street first on my face over and over again in the early days (and even still, albeit rarely!).

With that in mind, ??Natural Mediumship?? is a new approach to mediumistic stunts, gallery readings, Q&A, healing work and spiritual blessings focused decisively on the psychic and spiritual side of life and audience members.

In my mind, this IS the only way to conduct readings or live demonstrations with the deceased and departed loved ones that makes sense. My method and approach ditches cold reading and memorized lines for what you ALREADY KNOW and takes the pumping, guesswork and fishing out of a clairvoyant natured Q&A.

In this book I??ve given you several things I never imagined sharing before due to entirely selfish reasons??including the exact outline, script and opening segment to my acclaimed show and full evening program, ??Beyond the Veil?? (lecture and BIO included, psychological suggestions, energetic demonstrations and more!).

Next we get into the most honest, genuine, ethically responsible and sincere way there is to make direct spirit contact and give readings for the public based in the heavy psychic, spiritual, clairvoyant, telepathic and spiritualist medium fields.

Of special note is my signature approach to ??EZ MEDIUM READINGS?? which enables the performing psychic to conduct his/her readings with the dead and dying, already deceased and dearly departed in the most above board, non-sleazy, anti charlatan, anti-shady manner possible. You??re able to do exactly what you claim and this, with incredible results. No guesswork involved. Nothing to memorize and you??ll get the NAME, RELATIONSHIP TO AND CAUSE OF DEATH of a person??s loved one 100% of the time in the fairest and most honest manner possible.

In this book we cover material developed specifically for psychic home parties, private readings and high end stage work to use in your profession as a medium, healer or mentalist extraordinaire ranging from the aforementioned mental & emotional (propless) s??ance and ??Reunion?? ceremonies with the deceased to mediumistic Q&A acts, spiritual clearings and blessings for use with single participants and large groups, marketing info, close up pieces and general reading techniques made insanely specific while maintaining the criteria of being honest, above attack and entirely ethical given my unique perception, make and model of the world.

Nothing has been left out of this ebook ?C it??s a full program and self contained act in and of itself and it does its job very, very well. I??ve basically pulled out ALL the stops and gave you my full evening show and program between two electronic & digital covers.

Content includes working as a pet psychic and medium, crossing spirits over during your healing work, s??ances and gallery readings (Q&A), blessing and healing others with energy and setting up a broad, wide-reaching range of associated phenomena in the process, classics such as my ??Crimson Wall?? taken to new levels (and which reaches even further than my released work in ??The Velvet Expanse?? did!), guest contributions from the legendary Neal Scryer and UK??s own Bee Love and more.

You guys are going to love it and I should emphasis again this book is NOT just for those looking to repurpose themselves and make a great living as a psychic medium, but for ALL students of contemporary mentalism who seek to blaze a new trail and take their rightful place as the very best in the world at what they do, who they are and what they contribute through magic, mentalism, hypnosis and psychic entertainment.

You??re going to love it, cherish it and, most importantly, USE IT!


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