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$1.20Misprint 2.0 By Luke Dancy
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Misprint 2.0 By Luke Dancy



Has this ever happened to you? You’re going through your brand new…

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Has this ever happened to you? You’re going through your brand new deck of cards and you find one card that’s been horribly misprinted? You probably used to throw those cards away. But what if instead, you visually moved the ink and then could immediately hand the card out for examination? This is Misprint 2.0 by Luke Dancy

Here’s what happens:

As the magician spreads through a deck of cards they notice that one has been printed incorrectly. The back design is off-center, and even worse it’s crooked. Then the magician grabs the ink and visually twists it back into place. The ink every so slowly creeps across the card until it is back into position. The card is then immediately handed out for examination.

The original Misprint gimmick was an amazing visual transformation of the back of a playing card. The new Misprint 2.0 gimmick now allows you to visually move the ink on the face of the cards. You receive both the original and the 2.0 gimmick in red and blue. You also receive the craft supplies you need so that you can make as many additional gimmicks for all your custom decks as well. This is the perfect effect to drop into any of your favorite card routines, and drives lay audiences wild. Start using miracles to fix mistakes with Luke Dancy’s Misprint 2.0