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MindVention 2021 Workshop by Richard Osterlind

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Richard Osterlind has been producing materials for the Mentalism Community for over…

Richard Osterlind has been producing materials for the Mentalism Community for over 30 years and has produced 21 top-selling videos, written 31 books, and produced and invented hundreds of effects. There is hardly a Mentalist who has not been influenced by Richard.

Richard is a traditionalist and loves to take classics and bring them alive with modern approaches. This will be the primary direction of his workshop. Many of these topics will include Richard’s latest innovations. Here are the topics which will be covered:

The study of billet work including the PCT along with other billet applications such as Acidus Novus, Bert Reese Routines, and Annemann effects.
The Swami Gimmick. This will include the preparation and use of the swami for both close-up and stage work. Richard has used the gimmick extensively in his work and has much to offer.
Book Tests. Richard will teach many approaches to this subject many of which he has developed and uses himself. Most can be made up at home or are impromptu.
The use of Playing Cards in Mentalism. Richard has never shied away from using playing cards in his work and he will teach how he uses them for convincing Mentalism. He will feature many approaches including the BCS and his Dynamo Deck.
The Question and Answer Act has always been the centerpiece of Richard’s show. He will discuss the different methods he has developed over the years.
A discussion of the use of blindfolds of various types. Richard has specialized in this type of work for many years and will bring his expertise to the table
Even though the workshop is virtual, Richard will explain his approach to Contact Mind Reading which has gained accolades from many in the fraternity.
Hypnotism is another subject Richard will cover that should find favor with many attendees. Richard began his career as a Stage Hypnotist in colleges and continues to use the art in applicable shows.
Richard has produced many props over the years and he will cover a number of devices that he sells and how they are used.

Richard has written a number of books recently such as Pathways to Mystery, Inside my Mind, Beyond Magick, and the Diverse Deceptions series. Some of this material gives additional insight into the above subjects which Richard will talk about. In short, the material will be worthwhile even to those who have attended past workshops.

Since any workshop is a back and forth affair, and since Richard has created so much Mentalism, he will do his best to answer and/or demonstrate any questions that might come up regarding his materials.