Discover the secret to reading minds with playing cards. Written by Jean Hugard, the legendary magician behind the Royal Road to Card MagicJean Hugard’s Mental Magic is your guide to dazzling every audience with some of the most unbelievable card magic tricks ever created.

This classic magic book features a unique array of mind-reading and mentalism tricks that you can use to dazzle any audience. Captivate them with amazing card tricks like The Three Heaps, The Trio, The Moving Finger, A Card and a Number (ACAAN), and so much more.

Each card trick is explained in step-by-step detail so you can seamlessly execute it and wow your audience.

Featuring an new foreword by Steve Cohen (“The Millionaire’s Magician”), this contemporary version of the classic text is perfect for any skill level. From someone that is brand new to magic to the professional magician, Jean Hugard’s Mental Magic is bound to inform and inspire.


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