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“This book is a wonder and goes places books on mentalism have not gone before.” – Marc Salem  

“Best book to come along for a long time. A dream come true. Break it down to one simple word: Brilliant.” – NEAL SCRYER​


Stevens Magic is excited to have secured the exclusive distribution for this anticipated tome, adding Sidney Friedman to the long list of distinguished mentalist working exclusively with Stevens Magic.  At the urging over the years from many in the mentalist community, Sidney Friedman will finally release his first and only book MENTAL HIGH NOTES a limited edition book of 175 copies, No Digital Option.  The contents forthwith which will reveal some of the most coveted material from his 26 years as a working mentalist… And to answer your question – YES it will also include the full inside scoop on how to do “PROPLESS predictions.”

Mental High Notes - Sidney Friedman

There are several fine propless mind reading effects these days, but no propless prediction effects. Yes, as Sidney has done on the TODAY SHOW, on THE VIEW and hundreds of other TV and radio shows, you will learn how to make news predictions with no boxes, no envelopes, no gimmicks, no switches, and no devices. You will just state the prediction and then have a very good chance it will come to fruition. Some call it “Hurling the Headlines,” but this is more than throwing a dart and hoping it lands. He shows you all the techniques of how to greatly increase your accuracy. Imagine doing this in one of your shows, where in closing, you state three predictions of headlines, and then in time when 2 of the 3 headlines occur, imagine the resulting reputation maker you will have, the calls you’ll receive, and the increased business. Yes, increased business. Sidney knows, because it’s happened for him.

In addition, you will learn Sidney’s multiple pendulum routine called “Harmony,” which can be performed for almost any size crowd and is one of the two most raved-about pieces of his show. It’s a thing of beauty and it will move your audience not only by awing them but by giving them something meaningful they’ll talk about for weeks and months afterward.

Here’s more of the book’s contents…

Sidney also reveals his “Propless Preshow” techniques for gaining information about people at the venue without anything written or chosen. You can create miracles with these covert techniques. Again, nothing is written or chosen, yet at the performance venue you’ll (legally) attain pieces of information about people which can be revealed during your show.

There’s much more too, including a chapter called “Art in Error,” about a concept which massively elevates the realism and effectiveness of your performances to (as the book’s title states) a mental high note. This one chapter is one of the most lauded parts of the book by those who have previewed it. Imagine your audience having an emotional connection with you and your abilities which lasts for years to come. Then imagine the resulting business which comes from this connection.

Sidney Friedman openly stating his news predictions on the TODAY SHOW with what turned out to be 100% accuracy, including the OSCARS, celebs and the economy.

“This book is a wonder and goes places books on mentalism have not gone before. Very clever techniques and age old secrets mashed (delicately) together, making it better. He has no fear and it pays off. His breakdown of the gimmick less headline prediction that gives him world wide coverage, is laid systematically bare for your eager eyes. Wrinkles, full blown effects, and puzzling plot galore. It’s like a Beethoven and the Clash. It has advice, wonder and a joy to see this expert think. It’s a marvel and sneaky in the best way.” – MARC SALEM

“If you read this book you will not become Sidney Friedman. He’s a highly successful full-time mentalist with a highly distinctive style. But perhaps even better, you will understand why he’s successful. You will grasp the techniques he uses to set himself apart from the ever-expanding crowd of mental-themed performances out there. This book offers you some of the realest real-world mentalism advice ever published.” – KEN WEBER

“In Mental High Notes, Sidney Friedman provides a clear pathway for anyone looking to perform powerful and meaningful psychic entertainment that creates memorable connections with the audience. Over the years we have witnessed Sidney’s uncannily accurate predictions on television. This book lays out his inside work and gives step by step instructions on how it’s done. His work on pendulums is exquisite and for a professional performer, the scripting ideas alone are worth the price of this book.” – JEFF & TESSA EVASON

“Far more than a book of great routines, Sidney’s book is a symphony of secrets for making your show a genuine psychic experience. It isn’t just about hits and misses. It isn’t just about the latest props or gimmicks. Sidney shows you ways to amplify your show, from good to great. My mind is racing to add these deeper ideas into my act. Sidney Friedman’s book breaks new ground on the subtle textures of psychic entertainment, honed from decades as a working pro. Highly recommended!” – BRETT BARRY

“There is NOBODY with greater proven skill at predicting headlines openly — without gimmicks, on real-world broadcasts, and with mind-blowing accuracy — than Sidney. If you have any aspirations of displaying this kind of superpower, you need this book.” – NEIL TOBIN

“This book is a gem and an ABSOLUTE MUST for any serious mentalist. MENTAL HIGH NOTES moves you to up your game and become a performer with depth and meaning. The book is jam-packed with valuable information. My favorite is a dynamite routine with multiple pendulums. In addition, Sidney provides in-depth writing on how to do ‘propless predictions.’ This is worth the price alone. Beautifully written, this book goes beyond the usual pile of routines you’ll never use, and instead gives you insights from a great performer you’ll use the rest of your performing career. Bravo Sidney!” – JAMES MAPES, best-selling author of QUANTUM LEAP THINKING, and award-winning mentalist, including the 2018 Milbourne Christopher Award

“When Sidney announced he was releasing this book, I was one of the first, if not the first to preorder. Why? Because I saw Sidney lecture and perform at the PEA convention in Las Vegas a few years back. I couldn’t write fast enough while he was lecturing, so I feared I missed a lot of very valuable information. Well, fear not because here it is! This is my 100% honest disclaimer – Mental High Notes is not for the faint of heart. It’s only for those willing to get out of their comfort zones with the sincere desire to reach new performance heights. The good news is, if you are brave and you do follow Sidney’s guidance, you are on your way to a truly new high in your performance skills and your audience impact. If you want to look, act and sound like every other mentalist on stage and television, don’t buy this book. If you want to get out of the sea of sameness, don’t wait another minute. I mean this from the bottom of my heart!” – SCOTT DEMING, mentalist, author, keynote & motivational speaker, one of the busiest working pros

“I was extremely skeptical. … I’m extremely happy I decided to take the chance and buy this book. This is wonderful, and it touches on things that so often get ignored. The emotional connection with the audience to me is what makes me dedicate my life to Mentalism. And it’s not nearly often enough that I find anyone who truly touches on that subject in a meaningful way.” – DAVID GAMUT, Minnesota mentalist


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