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M.I.N.T By Edward Marlo (Vol 1)

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“M.I.N.T. Volume 1 by Edward Marlo” was the first in a series…

“M.I.N.T. Volume 1 by Edward Marlo” was the first in a series recounting nearly a quarter century of outstanding contributions by the incomparable Ed Marlo to The New TOPS Magazine. Completely re-illustrated and organized; here is a must-read book filled with sleights and tricks that have since become legendary. Now available in a new eBook format, you have a wealth of material at your fingertips complete with an easy-reference table of contents. Featuring 53 iconic Marlo Masterpieces, “M.I.N.T Vol. 1” is an invaluable resource that must be in the library of every serious magician. There are 365 pages and 350 line drawings by Sonny Narvaez highlighting what many believe to be Marlo’s best work. “M.I.N.T Volume 1” was compiled and edited By Mike Maxwell and brought to you by L&L publishing.