“M.I.N.T #2 by Edward Marlo” was the highly-anticipated second release in the exclusive “M.I.N.T” series highlighting the best effects contributed to The New TOPS Magazine by the legendary Ed Marlo over a period of nearly 25 years.

Many of these tricks and methods became beloved classics that are still used today like Think Touch Turn, Radical Departure, Long Distance Collectors, Diamond Cut Diamond, The Slip Count Principle, Wrist Turn Passes, Moveable Card Pass and more.

416 Pages | More than 300 illustrations

M.I.N.T #1 by Edward Marlo also available.


  • Introduction: Jon Racherbaumer


  • May: More Deuce Sandwiches
  • July: Marlo’s Logic
  • August: Beveled Edge Second Deal
  • September: Ace Vanishes
  • October: The Fake Pickup
  • December: Latest Ace Vanishes


  • January: Somersaulting A – 2 – 3
  • March: Moveable Card Pass
  • August: Slip Count Principle


  • January: Wrist Turn Passes

August: Long Distance Collectors
December: Diminishing Universal/Colorful Surprise


  • April: Notes on D. C. D.
  • August: Still Collecting/ Reverso
  • November: Deuce Sandwich Switch

**1974 **

  • February: Invisible Thought Transference
  • June: Think Touch Turn
  • August The Marlo Shelf
  • November: Bottom Deal Exchange
  • December: New Approach Location


  • March: Center Deal Effects
  • April: New Card Add
  • June: Instant Coin Assembly
  • August: A Radical Departure
  • October: Marlo’s Wrist Turn Passes
  • November: Variations of a Palm


  • January: More Mental Reverses
  • March: Olrarn Turnover Switch
  • April: Double Departure
  • June: Something to Borrow Again
  • August Spectator Cuts Aces
  • September: Spectator Cuts to Locate The Aces
  • November: Marlo Switchout


  • February: Inexplicable Reverse
  • April: Trite Trickery
  • June: A Voice From the Past
  • July: Wrist Turn Change Plus
  • August: The One You Choose Is The One We Use
  • November: One Way, Two Selections


  • January: Two Limited Selections
  • February: Reversed Image
  • March: Simplex D. C. D.
  • April: Double D. C. D.
  • August: Touch Turn in Reverse


  • January: Marlo’s Almost Perfect Stop Trick
  • February: Block Turnover Principle Applications
  • March: Red Black Transposition
  • April: Variation of Phase Four
    • May: Mental Reselection


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