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Lore’s masterful touch transmutes the five ESP symbols, once chosen for their apparent simplicity, into vessels of profound wisdom that irresistibly beckon all to listen.

Guided by the timeless wisdom of shamanic philosophy, Le Val unveils the intricate meanings enfolded within each symbol. With detailed instructions as your guiding light, you’ll be empowered to bestow distinctive and invaluable readings using your ESP cards. Furthermore, this newfound understanding seamlessly integrates into any existing ESP routines within your repertoire, breathing new life into your performances.

Venturing beyond clinical settings, we immerse ourselves in the captivating magic of weaving ESP symbols into mystical stories. No longer confined to sterile tests, these symbols transform into ancient whispers, tools that awaken the imagination and connect us to the mysterious forces that shape our world.

Within this 28-page PDF, Lewis covers:

– The profound meanings of the symbols and their interpretations for readings.

– Two easily memorable spreads that provide structure and context for your readings, ensuring your client, sitter, or spectator gains valuable insights and guidance.

– A fascinating essay on ‘decoding the wild’ and embracing the role of the ‘intuitive stranger’.

– A captivating bonus routine titled “The Butterfly”.

And that’s not all—within these pages, you’ll discover a treasury of additional ideas, tips, and advice, enriching your journey even further.

Embark on a transformative exploration today. Let “Lore” be your guide to unlocking the mysteries of ESP.


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