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With this routine, you are not just a human lie detector – you also reveal the truth behind their lie.

Here is what happens: They are asked to tell you three personal facts about themselves while telling a lie for one of them. With 100% accuracy, you know what they were lying about. As if that wasn’t enough, you also tell them what the truth behind that very lie is. So for example, you not only reveal that they were lying about their mother’s name – but also you tell the participant her real name. They never wrote that information down, yet you seem to know everything.

This is, like always, very minimalist, streamlined mentalism that you can perform anywhere, anytime with almost nothing. All you need is three business or file cards, something to write with – and the secret.

“I love the routine you just shared with me too, Nico! It’s incredible what we can do with clear scripting and simple verbal instructions, elegant and easy/direct/low tech methods, high-level thinking, framing and routining, an emphasis on the participant and pure impact of our effects.” – Jerome Finley

“This is COOL!” – Adrien Lochon

“This is super, super simple and I love that!” – Tom Bennett

– Surefire
– Extremely easy to do
– Impromptu
– Very customizable
– No logic puzzles
– No peeks or center tears
– Everything is justified


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