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I know it’s not equivoque, but watching the performance of Kenton and his lighter equivoqueinspired the following.
The performer takes a cigarette from a packet of cigarettes. The performer asks if anyone at thetable smokes. He hands the cigarette to the participant and displays a tray with 4 lighters: a whitelighter, a green lighter, a red lighter, and a blue lighter.He asks the participant to place the cigarette next to any lighter on the table.The participant in this case places the cigarette next to the
 lighter.The performer says:
“Don’t you know smoking is bad for you? I couldn’t possibly advocate it. That’s why I ensured inadvance I knew which lighter you would choose. If you’d have chosen the white one…”
The performer picks up the white lighter, clicking the lighter, and a flame comes from the lighter.This is repeated with the green and the blue lighter each proudly displaying a flame.
“Put the cigarette in your mouth,”
 says the performer to the participant.“Please light it up with your chosen lighter.”The participant puts the cigarette in their mouth and tries to light it the cigarette with the redlighter. The red lighter doesn’t work! The red lighter will not light.
“As I said it’s bad for you.”


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