Miracles are made possible with this secret technique that will replace your old mercury card fold. KFC is easier and has ZERO tells.

TL;DR: Even semi-serious magicians know that the “mercury card fold” is indispensable. Today, Michael Kaminskas has published a new technique that will replace it.

“Michaels new card folding technique is a superb and very sneaky technique that card guys will love!” –John Carey

“Mike taught his KFC at a lecture at my place last year. To say it was a hit was quite an understatement. It is one of the best, most practical methods of folding a card that I have ever seen…or in this case never seen. This is a method that most magicians will find far easier than the classic Mercury Card Fold and many will be adopting this as their preferred method. Try Mike’s KFC…its Finger Flickin’ Good!” –Marc DeSouza

Not only is KFC a ground-breaking move for card magicians, but Mike is teaching a routine straight out of his professional repertoire, so right away you’ll be able to add it to your act.


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