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Kainoa Harbottle – Masterclass – Week One


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Hawaii’s Kainoa Harbottle is regarded as one of the world’s finest coin…

Kainoa Harbottle Masterclass: Live - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Hawaii’s Kainoa Harbottle is regarded as one of the world’s finest coin magicians, and what we like best about him is that he’s the “complete” coin magician. That is, his skill is world-class, and he does all sorts of unusual, beautiful moves with grace and precision. But Kainoa is also wildly clever, and he has created a mountain of tremendous coin material. Finally, Kainoa is a relaxed, funny performer, and his presentations are often the best part of his magic. We’re delighted to welcome Kainoa as a Masterclass Live Instructor, and he will focus on a mixture of new and published routines, as well as material that will challenge experts, and other things that will be achievable for those who have never done a coin trick in their lives.

Week One: (November 7th 2021, 4pm ET) – Presence and Absence

At its most basic level, card magic is about information; colors, suits, and values are bits of data that the magician controls. At its most basic level, coin magic is about objects appearing and disappearing–about presence and absence. What better place than “Vanishing, Inc.” to discuss the essential aspect of these shiny props. During this class we will consider some simple vanishes with individual coins, but we will spend most of our time focused on the hows and whys of manipulating multiple coins to bring them in and out of existence. This realm of “stack work” can be daunting even for the dexterous but is also extremely rewarding. This session will feature multiple techniques and routines that are about making coins appear and disappear in impossible and entertaining ways.