Seldom do you get a series of effects that are illustrated with 64 step by step photographs taken from life-almost as if the teacher were beside you every moment. That’s how you receive this really wonderful trick, a reputation maker. And here’s the effect:

After a few other card tricks, the performer patters about the “4th Dimension.” He takes a card from the deck he has been using, folds it in half long ways, face in. The card turns inside out, the face now being outside. There is no movement of the fingers. This is repeated to reverse the process. The card is then unfolded to show back and front and then unmistakably torn into quarters. The pieces are wrapped in a borrowed handkerchief, shown one more time, and then fastened around with a rubber band. The magician doesn’t seem to notice that a corner fell to the floor. Now the performer and a spectator take two corners of the handkerchief. The card pops out restored except for the corner-which is seen when everyone starts to look about for it. Spectator fits it to the card exactly. Performer takes the routine a step further. He offers to try to put the card together more firmly, and does it with a bit of masking tape. Then he apologizes for his bad joke, and strips off the tape. The card is completely restored!

Highly recommended. Beautifully printed, illustrated booklet.


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