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A 100% BANG ON go to PIN Guess !!!

Effect and Features:

Hallo everyone, welcome to “Impromptu Pin Guess” Effect this is my heart felt description.

If you are a fan of impromptu mentalism you won’t regret it !!!!

Imagine walking up to a random spectator and instantly reveal the PIN Code that they generated, moments back, without any funny business, spectator never says or writes any digit of the pin code.

Let me mention few of my thoughts for impromptu PIN Reveal which I feel are must for every impromptu PIN Reveal, and this has it all.

• Totally impromptu pin Reveal.
• A relevant plot, no pre show involved.
• Zero memory works
• Spectator never says or write any digit of the pin code
• 100% bang on all the times
• Less memory work for spectator
• Practical to perform

Being said that I feel from the mentalist / magician’s point of view for an impromptu PIN guess, a reference point to start is needed and I feel in this PDF you will get an insight on that reference point that I took to reveal the PIN code.

Take a ride to the voyage of minds see you soon!!!!


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