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Powerful magic, a complete routine. Make a dollar vanish, then appear inside your spectator’s WALLET.

Greg Wilson’s the master of the “playful con-artist” genre of magic, and this is a perfect example of his genius.

He’s got an incredible knack for turning classic tricks into reputation makers. “I.O.U” is a miracle that takes the classic “bill change”, and turns it into a masterpiece, complete with improved handling, built-in laughs and a con-artist twist.

You’ll learn:

1. Greg Wilson’s handling for visually changing money.
2. His BRILLIANT method for cleaning up the evidence.
3. How to make things appear in anyone’s wallet or purse.
4. Greg’s pacing, choreography and lines to make this a sure-fire hit with any audience.

PROFESSIONALS: There’s a big difference between knowing a trick’s secret, and learning how a professional magician uses it in the real world. Greg Wilson’s a master of the “con-job” genre of magic, and this is the perfect example of his genius.


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