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Hermes Wallet By Josh Janousky


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  MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER WALLET Read minds, switch cards & produce…

Hermes Wallet by Josh Janousky | Ellusionist


MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER WALLET Read minds, switch cards & produce signed selections HERMES is more than just another magic wallet, this was made by Quiver. Known to be the Rolex of magician’s leather goods. Anyone who’s bought a quiver-branded product in the past has received a quality that reaches far beyond their expectations. That’s why creator Josh Janousky knew there was only one place to take his ideas. The result is HERMES. A slim, minimalist wallet that aims to consolidate multiple must-haves into one sleek package. Hermes is a: – Peek Utility – Card to Wallet – Out to Lunch – & Switching Device (Cameron Francis’ fantastic Wallet Transformer) You can definitely find cheaper magic wallets – but you won’t find better. Hermes can hold anywhere from 6-9 credit cards with ease (depending on your configuration), 10 business cards, your ID, and your cash, all while still being only 1.59 cm thick. Dressed up or dressed down, Hermes never looks out of place… Hermes is a hip-style leather billfold wallet. Perfect for formal and casual performances. Replace all your existing wallets – with just one A card-to-wallet, peek device, out to lunch & switch utility… all in one. GET A COLD-READING BONUS When you purchase Hermes, you will receive detailed instructions to learn multiple routines for each function of the wallet, along with real-world performance tips. As a BONUS with the instructions is an hour-long masterclass with mentalism expert Spidey. In it, he discusses never-before-released tips and tricks for cold reading (a powerful mentalism technique), along with how to make your mentalism feel more authentic.