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Heart Song by Jerome Finley


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My new ??Heart Song?? ebook features a single legendary effect with a…

My new ??Heart Song?? ebook features a single legendary effect with a new and revolutionary method; my signature *full audience heartbeat & pulse synchronization demo*.

Totally impromptu, propless and gaffless, 100% surefire, STRONG, can be used anytime, anywhere and for any number of people (the more the merrier!). No DR, no preshow, no instant stooging or cueing, no mathematics, nothing to find/nothing to hide, nothing to lose or fix or replace??it??s a worker??s dream come true and available now.

??Heart Song is an experience that is inherently theatrical, emotionally powerful, and uniquely presentable.
Seriously, Heart Song is simply THAT powerful!!?? – Ali J

Here??s the basic effect of my ??Heart Song?? ?C *** –

Your entire audience takes their pulse with one hand and audibly taps out the beats with their other one to fill the entire room with sound??at first nothing is in sync or connected, it??s just pure audio pandemonium.

Now we stop and go through a short meditation wherein our hearts open up and connect with each other via beams of light and loving energy??

NOW we go through and take our pulse/tap out/whistle the beats again and our hauntingly beautiful ??Heart Song?? is produced??all the pulses, heartbeats and taps/sounds are perfectly in sync and produce the most beautiful, magical sound you??ve ever heard!

It??s an incredible piece of work and one of my long cherished favorites to perform.

??Another winner from the legendary Jerome Finley. Heart Song is a high-impact, prop-free miracle with serious emotional resonance. If you??re a fan, as I am, of Mr. Finley??s deeply spiritual and diabolically clever approach to the art form, then you won??t want to miss this! You??ll move and mystify your audiences with this beautifully thought-out routine. Highly recommended!??
Daniel Ulin, Venice CA


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