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So what is H.C.E.?
First, what it is not.

It is not for close-up work, this is for professional performers who’s audiences exceed thirty spectators. It is not simple, on first take you will probably feel daunted and weary; don’t say I didn’t warn you. And, although it is completely bulletproof, it is not for the faint of heart; as you will have to improvise and riff it’s themes throughout.

No pre-show work.

Nothing is written down.

So then, what is it?

It is about a half hour show, give or take ten minutes, that fits in your pocket (basically a red and blue Deck). It is the closest thing to direct mind reading possible with a Deck of cards that you can do for the proper sized audience. It is an engineering marvel of mechanical and psychological construction that will leave your audience feeling as if they have witnessed the “real” thing!

It’s card magic that looks & feels like a Q & A Mentalism act.

It makes the Tossed-Out Deck obsolete.

It’s cost is $1000.

All potential buyers are screened first.

If you have a bad rep in the magic community, please, disregard this message – as you will self-destruct in T-minus 9, 8, 7…


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