$40.00 $3.99Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 1 by Denis Behr
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Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 1 by Denis Behr

$40.00 $3.99


“This is a book that not only justifies its existence by means…

Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 1 by Denis Behr - Book

“This is a book that not only justifies its existence by means of innovative material and original thinking, but which represents the mind of a thoughtful and tasteful creator who pays attention to myriad tiny details that can make all the difference between mediocre magic and beautiful illusions.
This is the way magic books should be written.”
– Jamy Ian Swiss (Genii Magazine)

“Most card books present handlings or better ways of accomplishing things you already do. Handcrafted Card Magic gave me new things to do in already exceptional ways. This is a great book.”
– Ricky Smith (M-U-M Magazine)

“His hands are so large that he can palm playing cards sideways without the fear of detection.”
– John Lovick (MAGIC Magazine)

“There is some fine thought in this material. My favorite pieces are “A Trick for Allen Kennedy” (a surprise, since I’m not usually drawn to gambling effects) and “Oil and Water Finale”. However, there is much else to admire.”
– Stephen Minch

“The chapter, however, that I predict will stand-out as one of the most important and influential contributions to the study of stacked-deck magic is ‘Finding The Way Home’.”
– Pit Hartling (Foreword)


Foreword by Pit Hartling


Brute Force Opening – An opener that does its job – knocking the spectators out with three rapid-fire effects in no time.

Plop – Control any four-of-a-kind without looking at the faces of the cards.

The Culling Procedure
Plop – The Effect
A Trick for Allen Kennedy – One of the cleanest Center Deal demonstrations.

Magic Monthly – A strong two-phase four-of-a-kind production with an emotional hook that is a real workhorse.

Finding The Way Home – The concepts and ideas in this section will change your stack-work and make it much more deceptive.

    • Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically


    • “The Tantalizer”


    • A Trick for Allen Kennedy


    • Way into “The Tantalizer”


    • Packet Trick


    • Red-Black Division into Stack


    Liebenow’s Card Peeling

A Gambling Demonstration – An easy gambling routine that can be followed by anybody – interested in gambling or not.

Oil & Water – A real laymen pleaser. Try this routine and you’ll want to keep it in your repertoire forever.

Oil & Water Finale – What Daryl’s “Ultimate Ambition” is to the Ambitious Card plot, “Oil & Water Finale” is to the Oil and Water plot.

Gray Matters – An ultra-clean challenge location to fool anybody.



Pages: 90 – 5.8″ x 8.3″ – Hardbound with dustjacket – black and white illustrations