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Includes a thorough instructional guide to 3 Sleights. Plus 1 Bonus Sleight.

Volume I will make you a better card handler, magician, or sleight of hand enthusiast.

All sleights are hand-picked and explained in detail. We picked these moves through years of research and dedication to the craft. We are proud to present Volume I

Brought to you by Gambling_Instinct.

What’s Included With Volume I?

1) Blackjack Switch

This is an extremely deceptive card switch that looks absolutely moveless. The move itself is very simple and is one of my favorite things to practice. Whether you decide to demo this move to audiences, fool fellow cardmen, or add it to your instagram page, this is surely a move that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Fred Robinson bottom is an elusive technique that requires many hours of practice.

After analyzing the move for a long period of time, I have learned key tips that will help eliminate finger movement, create a better illusion, and make the deal appear more natural. Many of you have seen this move demonstrated in the legendary “52”. Outside of this source, there are few that can deal this bottom with proficiency and deception. If I can teach you how to make your deal as good as possible, would you take the opportunity?

2) Fred Robinson Hit-Deal Finesse

Dice switches are some of the most fun things to practice in the hobby. It is an endless pursuit of making the switch as seamless as possible. It’s time to take your gambling work to the next level. This is an invisible one-handed switch. Are you ready?

3) Palm switch

Those who purchase the pre-order will receive exclusive access to a bonus sleight. I will not teach this move in future projects.

You will also get a demo of what may appear in a future volume.

If you have any questions regarding volume I, please message us at gambling_instinct on Instagram.


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