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Five Card Box By Bill Abbott


Bill Abbott – Five Card Box “The 5 Card Box in combination…

Bill Abbott – Five Card Box

“The 5 Card Box in combination with the 5 Card Opener gets extra laughs, magical transformations & a kick finish of all the cards disappearing at the end! I’ve been doing for that last 2 years and would not do the 5 Card Opener without it. It’s just so much stronger. ”

“It was thanks to performer Eric Myers who introduced me to a creation by Jeff Hobson that I started to work on the 5 Card Box. Two years and hundreds of shows later, the 5 Card Box is now a permanent fixture in the opening of my show. ”
“Reactions in both laughter and amazement surpass anything I experienced before using the 5 Card Opener. The 5 Card Box adds multiple effects and new impact to the already powerful 5 Card Opener. A surprise transformation of the box, a complete disappearance of all the cards at the end, plus the box emphasizes and strengthens the story that’s so integral to the overall routine. “-Bill Abbott

5 Card Box DVD Features:
? Live Performance
? Studio Performance
? History & Influences
? How to Customize Your 5 Card Box
? Pre-Show Preparation
? Easy Post Show Pack Up & Reset
? Full Routine Walk-Through & Explanation
? Care & Maintenance
? Final Thoughts & Ideas

The 5 Card Box Features:
? Packs Flat – Plays Huge Dimensions Closed:! 11.5 “Long x 8 3/4” Wide x 3/4 “Thick
? Comes to you blank so it’s customizable in any language or show theme / message.
? Perfect With the Pack Smart Table & fits inside the Pack Smart Table padded bag.
? Each box is handmade and assembled to exact specifications to accommodate the 5 Card Opener Jumbo Cards and is extremely thin & deceptive at close quarters.
? The 5 Card Box protects your 5 Card Opener cards before, during, after and in between shows! Great for pros who travel and are a little rough on their props.
? Perform this with confidence up close at a house party or on stage in front of hundreds. Truly versatile in any environment with the audience on all sides.
? The locking feature secures the transformation and the completely self-contained vanish of all the cards at the conclusion of the routine.

“If you already own the Five Card Opener you should seriously consider the 5 Card Box. If you do not have the Five Card Opener, this is an investment that could revolutionize your show! My experience from hundreds of performances using the 5 Card Box has proven that impact and response from audiences is so much stronger. ”

It’s the perfect CLOSER – to the perfect OPENER!


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