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Finger Break by Gogo Cuevra


Get screams when you break a spectators own finger in full view….

Get screams when you break a spectators own finger in full view. This isn’t magic that merely happens IN the spectators hand — IT IS their hand!

“Gogo Ceurva’s Finger Break is a mind-blowing illusion that looks impossible, and it’s easy to master!” – David Chandler

“This trick will make your audience really Scream, great impromptu trick in the audience’s hand!” – Jeki Yoo

“Stunning illusion at the palm of your hands. Not only will you bend the spectators finger, but there mind as well.” – Howard Blackwell

“It’s like cgi in real life. You literally will have the spectator wrapped around there finger” – Conor Brian

Perform one of the most visual body stunts of all time on your spectators. Transform their finger into rubber and bend it past the breaking point, then restore their finger back to normal with no pain. This is Finger Break by Gogo Cuerva.

Here’s what happens:

First, the magician shows how they can manipulate their own body by bending their pinky finger at an insane angle. After restoring their finger to normal, the magician hypnotizes the audience into believing that their fingers are made of rubber. Then the magician slowly and visually bends the spectator’s pinky to an impossible angle. The pinky is bent at an impossible right angle, and yet the audience feels no pain. The magicians then restores the audience member’s pinky to normal. Everyone’s hands are completely examinable.

Finger Break is an anytime, anywhere miracle that you can use as a body stunt, hypnosis effect, mind over matter demonstration, or as the goto effect if you are in the mood to freak out your friends. There are no gimmicks, no real hypnotism, and there is no risk. Gogo Cuerva takes you step-by-step on how to perform this bizarre miracle both safely and convincingly. This effect builds off the incredible work of Will Houston and generates huge reactions from your audience. Take your audience beyond the breaking point with Finger Break by Gogo Cuerva.


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