Imagine a spectator freely selecting a card from a normal shuffled deck and signing its face. The signed card is put back into the deck. The whole deck is returned to the box where one of three miracles can occur…

Two Jokers are stuck halfway into the card box on top of the face-down deck. The out-jogged Jokers visibly penetrate down through the encased cards to the bottom of the deck and then visibly rise back up through the cards to the top. The cards are removed from the box and spread out. A single card is sandwiched between the two Jokers — the spectator’s signed card!

A card is signed and returned to the deck, which is put into the card box. An envelope is stuck halfway into the box — this envelope takes the same up and down journey through the deck as the two Jokers. The cards are spread out — the spectator’s signed card is inside the envelope!

Perform “The Ultimate Ambitious Card Finale’ by inserting the signed, face-up ‘ambitious card’ halfway into the card box at the bottom of the encased deck. The card visibly rises up through every card in the deck to the very top. The cards are spread out — the spectator’s card is face-up on top of the deck!


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