“Eruption” by Jordan Victoria takes the classic “B’Wave” effect and enables you to peform it without any equivoque or forces.

A named Queen proves to be the only printed playing card in a packet of cards. It’s also the only one with a different back. You have four possible outs and each one can be revealed as equally fairly and normally. No weird moves or funky switches required. This effect is super easy to perform.

The method for “Eruption” has taken years to perfect. You’ll get all the cards and special packaging that justifies bringing the packet into play in the first place. It takes up very minimal pocket space and is a powerful routine you can carry with you anywhere.

IMPORTANT: The trailer claims each out is 100% clean. Each one is very fair and operates in an identical manner with no weird sleight of hand moves required. But they are not clean in the sense that you can pull the card from the spread and let them examine everything.


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