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EEE Academy with Martin Peirce


EEE stands for Easy, Effective & Entertaining and if you have ever…

EEE stands for Easy, Effective & Entertaining and if you have ever seen Martin lecture or perform this sums up his material.

Martin is an award winning magician with over 25 years experience in the magical world. He is a very popular performer and his presentation style mainly concentrates on providing great entertainment to his audiences.

Martin is a regular contributor of magical articles with his unique tricks for The British Ring magazine amongst many others publications and they are very well received.

As an inventor of magic Martin is a great thinker, he provides winning commercial routines that are easy to do but very strong in performance. These effects that he has created are guaranteed to have that necessary ‘Wow’ factor for those audiences that witness them.

His work on how to achieve maximum impact with minimal work will amaze you along with his energy and passion he uses in every magical demonstration.

In this Alakazam Academy Martin will teach some awesome routines including;

Signs Of Business…A magical and memorable way to hand out your business card

5-4-3-2-1…An exciting just chance routine involving a borrowed bank note and 5 envelopes

MP Brainwave…A true worker in every sense. Any card named is shown to have a different coloured back to the rest of the deck. Martin’s take on this classic of magic

The Great Banana Trick…A fun packed piece of magic with an unexpected kicker ending

Which…A mystifying routine that uses ESP cards. Despite your spectator making all the choices a  tabled prediction incredibly matches their final outcome

Noted…A killer card routine with a gambling rouge for added excitement

My Mind’s A Blank…You will come across like a sleight of hand genius. This is very visual card magic at it’s finest

Human Calculator...A super strong but easy to do mathematical miracle. Prepare to learn how to be a Human Calculator

Upside Down Powder…A highly entertaining effect using just a borrowed deck and of course some upside down powder

And much much more….


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