Hot off the heels of his best-selling book, One Degree (The Magic Cafe’s book of the year), John Guastaferro is back! This new lecture book (60 pages) contains an all-new collection of close-up magic from John Guastaferro. There are nine card effects, which can be done anytime, anywhere, with a borrowed deck—and two non-card effects using a borrowed iPhone and borrowed straw. John also shares insights on discovery that will inspire your thinking.

“When you keep increasing, degree by degree, you move from solid to molten to incandescent. What we’ve got here are classic elements Guasta-fired to red-hot!”Stephen Minch

“I am a fan and thoroughly enjoy examining how John puts together his refined card magic. He obviously strives to go beyond clever and, in my opinion, his constructions hit the mark of ‘elegant’ more often than anyone else around. His latest set is no exception—a cool variety of excellent card magic. Highly recommended.”John Bannon

Discoveries & Deceptions contents

Blackjack Transpo
A participant becomes the ultimate cheater by causing the Ace and Jack to change places while holding one in the card box and the other up his sleeve.

M.I.T. Aces
The magician keeps finding Aces instead of the selected card. All is solved in a final powerful moment.

Book of Clues
The audience digs for clues in the deck to determine the identity of an unknown card, and like any good mystery, there’s a final twist.

Here, There and in my Pocket
A selected card appears is seen in several places simultaneously, then changes into the four Aces, then transposes with a pocketed card.

The magician uses x-ray vision to look through the deck enclosed in the box.

Stock Exchange
In this nearly hands-off effect, two spectators cut and mix the deck face up and face down, yet manage to find their cards; straighten out the deck; and separate the reds and blacks!

Match Game
MATCH GAME The performer and spectator find four Aces together.

Daley Prequel
Simple and surprising. With a wave of a card, the two black Aces transpose.

In this unique take on the multiple revelation effect, the magician reads the minds of seven people—then produces each card in a different way.

The magician and spectator both think of the same person … someone from the spectator’s own iPhone contact list. A really intriguing new phone concept.

Zen Bend
A straw slowly bends in half while held in the fingertips. Completely self-contained.

More Discoveries
A few more tips and ideas to inspire your creative journey. For many, these little touches on well-known effects will be a highlight of the book.


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