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“If you don’t have this book in your collection, and really sit down and read it, you are missing out on the answers to why your magic might not be coming across the way you want it to. Every serious magician should have this one!” -Denny Haney

“Cardini was one of the greatest performing magicians of all time, and this volume is guaranteed to cast his spell the instant you enter its magical pages” – Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii magazine

From his Cardini Single Productions, to the Bird Cage Vanish to Split Fan Productions it is all here in over an hour of rare footage with the man himself. He discusses modern manipulators including Jeff McBride, masters of the past like Cardini and Norm Nielsen, Johnny Aladdin and the great Channing Pollock. Scott Alexander is your guide as he and Denny unlock all the deeper secrets to making Card Manipulation eazy, fun, and above all…ENTERTAINING!


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