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Note:user name and password to work this trick are not included
“He just turned these over and it’s the exact same numbers! I swear to God! I don’t believe in anything other than Jesus!”

– Random Spectator

CHRONOFORCE PRO is a brand-new app that allows you to force ANY NUMBER using your phone’s stopwatch.

The spectator handles the stopwatch the entire time, yet you’ll still have full control to force any number or series of numbers in the most natural way possible. You’ll have miracles at the push of a button!

But we didn’t stop there! CHRONOFORCE PRO includes groundbreaking new peek capabilities. Never before has there been a timer force that has been so organic, practical, and devastatingly deceptive.

  • Crystal clean ACAANS
  • Book Test with any book – even a borrowed one!
  • Lottery predictions
  • Pin number reveals
  • Dealing demonstrations
  • Thought of numbers
  • Date of birth revelations
  • Tons of routines included
  • Customizable for to create your very own miracles

Available on both Android and iPhone

NOTE: You will receive a physical card with license keys and activation instructions.

“The easiest and most fair looking lotto prediction on the market!”

– Alejandro Hinojosa Cantu

“This is such a motivated way to force any number on your audience, a must have for the modern mentalist” “this is probably my most used app.. and I have too many of them”
– Charlie Hewish


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