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Card Concepts by Arthur F. MacTier


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Card Concepts by Arthur F. MacTier This is a detailed and original…

Card Concepts by Arthur F. MacTier

This is a detailed and original analysis of 30 of the mathematical principles behind card magic. It also includes 70 tricks, which, alone, would make a very substantial card book. The author has supplied vital credits at the end of each section, plus a limited bibliography at the end of the book. This is an essential reference book for both the novice and the expert. Not only will you learn what these tantalising principles are, but you will learn how they work and why. You will also learn how to apply them to your card magic. Interestingly, the author opens the book with an engaging chapter entitled: INTRODUCTION (Of Yourself – To Your Audience). Here he discusses, “supplementary means of entertaining my audiences before the magic phase is scheduled to commence.” Important points are made here along with suggestions and practical examples. The author has produced a work of major import, which focuses on the many fascinating mathematical principles of card magic. Each chapter begins with a scholarly explanation of the principle in question and this is followed by examples of its usage.


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