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Card College By Roberto Giobbi (Vol 2)

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  The DEFINITIVE course for serious card magicians. Highly recommended by card…

Card College, Vol. 2: Giobbi, Roberto, Giobbi-Ebnother, Barbara, Hatch,  Richard: 9780945296157: Books


The DEFINITIVE course for serious card magicians. Highly recommended by card professionals

“If I knew someone just getting into this business, it would be the first set of books that I would I’d recommend.” –John Bannon

“If you love card magic, you can’t do better. They’re just incredible valuable tools. If you’re very serious about learning magic, you can’t do better than study what Roberto Giobbi has put into these volumes for the serious student.” –John Lovick

“They’re excellent books. I’d recommend them to ANYBODY, especially those just getting into card magic.” –Michael Close

“Card College is the complete course in card magic. I 100% it’s going to help you today and every day in your career.” –Jeff Prace

Picking up where Volume One left off, Volume Two teaches such classic and invaluable sleights as the palm, the pass, the glimpse, false counts and much more. Volume Two concludes with a chapter on psychology, misdirection and presentation that’s among the best treatments ever done on these important subjects. Throughout, Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements, guaranteeing every reader, no matter how experienced, fresh techniques and insights. Some of the topics covered in Volume Two include:

The Glimpse
Card Reverses
The Crimp
False Cuts
False Counts
The Pass
The Overhand Shuffle
The Double Turnover