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Buried Treasure By Allan Kronzek

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  Using a secret move created by Dai Vernon and flown under…

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Using a secret move created by Dai Vernon and flown under the radar for years, turn a deck of cards into an UNFORGETTABLE treasure map experience

“I’ve been a fan of Allan’s work for over 20 years. His methods are always direct and diabolical, and his presentations motivate everything. He’s the real deal, and this trick is another example. Deeply fooling, unique method, practical, and a fun, engaging presentation. Wonderful. I can’t wait to do it!”
– Will Fern

“I just added this beauty to my impromptu repertoire—and YOU should, too. Buried Treasure is a great presentational hook to get spectators involved. Deceptively simple and plays VERY strong! BTW, if you don’t have a compass on you (I probably wouldn’t), you can spin an empty bottle, a table spoon, or a pen to determine ‘the direction to go next’. Or get goofy and have
someone close their eyes and spin around to face a random part of the room, effectively making them a human compass.”
 – Geoff Williams

“Allan has taken a great and very deceptive Dai Vernon effect and ramped it up considerably with a beautiful presentation. This is a fooler!” – John Carey

Allan Kronzek is not only a New York Times bestselling author, but he is a master of weaving presentations into thoroughly baffling tricks that engage and entertain an audience. Beginning with an interesting story based on the classic movie Treasure Island, and then performing an almost self-working card trick that is highly interactive, you’ll not only find an audience member’s selected card, you’ll find out how much fun it is to perform Buried Treasure.

Here’s what happens:

The magician tells his audience that they will go on a bit of a treasure hunt, a deck is shuffled, a card is selected, and then lost in the deck. The audience volunteer takes a sizable portion of the deck and then walks however many paces a cut to card tells them, then deals a small pile of cards. The process is repeated a few times until finally, they come to where X marks the spot. The magician digs down through the last heap of cards to discover the treasure that is the selected card.

Building on the work of Bob Long and Dai Vernon, this engaging effect allows the audience to follow the cards and let their fingers do the walking. The secret is simple but devastatingly effective and will fool lay audiences and magicians alike. There are almost no moves required, and no marks, stacks, or memorization. This is Buried Treasure by Allan Kronzek