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The Magic Cafe Forums - Birreal: A paradigm for Mystery Performance (for free 😀 )

Welcome to “Birreal“, a paradigm of understanding Mystery Performance.

This body of work is the result of more than a decade of real world practice, reflection and studies in different fields such as Mystery Performance, Psychology, Philosophy, Hermetic teachings and Arts.

This book is aimed to all levels of expertise. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the Mystery Performance Arts, or you are a professional searching for new understandings, the content of this book can potentially offer you new insights and better quality performances.

Birreal” is full with ideas that you can start to apply immediately, with one goal in mind: transform you in a constructive manner as Mystery Performer so you can let people experience your goals in performance in an effective manner.

With the Birreal Paradigm you will be able to understand in a deeper manner what you are actually doing during performance, breaking the reductionist concepts that we sometimes use to allow your audience to perceive a deeper mysterious experience.

You will learn the concept of “Inner Reality”, “Outer Reality”, “Co-Reality”, “Artifacts” and other ideas that you can adapt to your performance.

Although this paradigm was created for my own Mentalism study and performance , Birrealism is completely applicable to Magic.

We have a wonderful opportunity as Mystery Performers to share new experiences for others, and maybe you do not need more effects to impact others in a deeper manner, but new conceptions about what you do.

It’s an amazing essay that should be essential reading for anyone contemplating getting into the mystery field, In fact, everyone should read it more than once, as there’s so much wisdom in it that no one could absorb it all in one reading. I love your advice about being sincere, ethical and real. I’ve thought a great deal about inner and outer reality over the years, but you’re the only person I know of who’s explained it in such a clear, concise way.

 I hope I’ll be able to bring more enchantment and wonder to my audiences after reading Birreal.   

Richard Webster

  At any length this is very important information for a Mentalist (or any mystery) performer!  

Many supposed mentalists just do not get the truth of 

what you have written. Many of us (including me) have made the mistake of thinking the secret method is what will make us great performers, 

but what you have written is what really works. 

 When I was a child, I thought that knowledge is power and 

I still think that today!  

Knowledge that you have shared in this work is extremely rare and I have never seen it better expressed than what you have written.  

Congratulations and thank you!

Millard Logman

Very thought provoking and one of the the things I now measure everything mysterious I do against.

Elias Staunmacher

What Pablo articulates is a repudiation of Materialist Western Thinking in the performance of Magic Phenomenon. Not only is this good for magic from an imaginal perspective, it’s good for the performer. Birreal is a way we can incorporate a meaningful philosophy of action into performance and praxis

Dan Eckhart

You really think a lot about a lot of things, little details and so on.  It also sharpens my mind again about performing and creating miracles.  Thanks again for sharing!

John Anders

Im loving Birreal!

Im looking forward to applying a new mindset to the work

Mat Rose


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