The purest form of mentalism is that in which a written thought is revealed. Using nothing beyond a piece of paper and a pencil, the master mentalist will somehow reach into your mind and pull out that thought, using the written evidence to prove his truth.

Billet Jazz by José Prager will elevate your billet work.

Within the pages of Billet Jazz; you will find methods to create the purest moments of mind reading possible, as well as a written toolbox of tested thoughts to strengthen and protect these illusions.

Separated into a three act structure:

The first part of the book hones in on the physical techniques that you will use to gain the hidden information, beautifully illustrated in a monotone neo-classical style.

You will learn several powerful delayed peeks such as the Perfected Full Billet Peek, giving you the power to deceptively steal a thought regardless of where it is written on the billet, or to peek more elaborate pictures or designs. You will also learn to discover information in real time in no less than six different ways and to complement these techniques, you will also explore coveted secrets in taking the classic Acidus Novus* peek to the next level.

To close the Techniques chapter, you will find methods that could be performed completely blind. You will discover what it means to perform billet work with No Peeking Required.

The second segment of the tome puts focus on a subject rarely recorded in print, the reveal.

Within the pages of Chapter Two Prager reveals a multitude of unique ways to reveal information that you have secretly gathered through the techniques discussed in the previous chapter. You will find frames and effects that will prevent your show from feeling repetitive, solving the hardest problem the modern mentalist suffers from.

The final slice of the triptych delves deeper into the theory aspect of billet work and mind reading in general. Across four essays; you’ll find exciting insights that will not only teach, but offers questions in which you can discover more about your own style of performing.

Alongside the main content, the book also features a foreword from Lewis Lé Val, full crediting throughout and a number of inspiring quotes from some of the most influential mentalists of our time rounding off the reading experience perfectly.


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