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Backfire by R. Paul Wilson


Cards switch one-by-one, until the brain-snapping finale. Paul Wilson’s masterpiece, better than…

Cards switch one-by-one, until the brain-snapping finale. Paul Wilson’s masterpiece, better than ever. The ingenious cards do ALL the work.

“With Backfire, Paul Wilson has created an eye-popping routine that provides maximum effect while requiring minimal digital effort. I love that he devised a simple way to end clean. This is a trick you can do for real people in real-world situations.” – Michael Close

“Great thinking, great handling, great surprise!” – Daniel Garcia

“R. Paul Wilson is one of our greatest magicians and thinkers. And yet with his new effect Backfire he has outdone himself…. An effect where people couldn’t get closer to the magic, they can actually feel it happen. Brilliant!” – Laura London

“This is the type of magic people love to see up close and tell everyone they know about. Simple, clear and powerful. A rare piece of magic that is visual and easy so you can focus 100% on the presentation.” – Mahdi Gilbert

“Beautiful, every moment of this routine feels magical.” – Jason Latimer

“Paul just created one of the most beautiful permutations. Can be done as a cocktail, table to table or with friends. there is nothing to add and it is very easy to do.” – Yves Carbonnier

“I’ve always loved the eyepopping gasp-inducing finale of Paul’s ‘Ricochet’. In ‘Backfire’ Paul have made the effect virtually sleight-free and even cleaner.” – Tom Stone

“Paul has structured a super clean transposition that is a workers dream. Add in the backfire and you have a sure fire crowd pleaser.” – Alan Rorrison

“I’ve seen Paul storm with this routine for many years, and the reactions are always the same. The amount of amazement you get in relation to the effort required is off the charts. Truly a modern classic, and suitable for every skill level.” – Ian Kendall

“This is super visual, very magical and really surprising! A delight for the eyes.” – Chris Rawlins

“It’s angle proof and it kills. The perfect walk around effect.” – Ali Cook

“Hightly visual, very clever, and perfect for all close-up situations. As usual with Paul, this is another gem.” – Jean-Jacques Sanvert

“Paul has taken Ricochet, one of my favourite tricks of his, and actually made it practical and even more magical. He’s done the impossible!” – Harapan Ong

R. Paul Wilson has created a transposition so visual your audience will start questioning their own eyes. Four aces and four kings change places one at a time and then change back in a blink of an eye. This is R. Paul Wilson’s Backfire.

Here’s what happens:
The magician has their audience members hold a cloth at the corners like a small stage. Then the magician extracts the kings and the aces from a deck of cards, and openly places the aces face down on the cloth. One at a time, and with no visible moves, the kings and the aces change places. Once all four aces and kings have transposed, they instantly switch back. Then the magician can hand out the cards for examination.

Backfire includes custom printed cards from the United States Playing Card Company that do all the work for you. There’s almost no sleight of hand, and so easy that anyone can perform it. Thanks to the clever routining from R Paul Wilson, the change happens so fast that your audiences will swear it looks like real magic. Taking cues from his hit effect Ricochet, this elevates the reset plot to a whole new level of astonishment. There’s nothing else quite like Backfire.

Penguin Magic Awards 2020, Nominee P3 Product of the Year Penguin Magic Awards 2020


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